About Our Spin Studio


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Welcome to SimplyCycle!  I’d like to tell you what led me on this adventure of opening the first licensed Spinning® Studio in Morristown!

Having participated in indoor cycling classes for many years through various gym memberships. I was fortunate to have a few excellent instructors from whom I learned proper form and sound training. Over the years I have met many people who were not so fortunate, and quickly gave up on cycling. I find this quite sad as I believe it to be one of the best cardio/strength/endurance workouts ever! When I walk out of a good spin class, I feel I can conquer anything the day has to throw at me!

Another thing (or two)…I found myself showing up for classes where the class had been cancelled without notice, where the instructor had been substituted without notice, where the instructor was late and hurried with little time for warm up or instruction, where there had been no bike available, where the music was so loud  I couldn’t hear the instructor giving cues, or where bikes were broken or not maintained.

I decided it was time to open a facility that was committed to making the Spinning® experience one that I myself would appreciate as a lover of indoor cycling.

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