About Spin




Now you are one step further to an awesome body/mind fitness experience that can be geared toward any fitness level!

Our name, SimplyCycle, says it all…we are about spinning and spinning only! The focus is on YOU and what you want from your ride. This involves more than hopping on a bike and taking off. Our highly qualified instructors will patiently show you proper form and bike set-up;  SO important for a safe, efficient, and beneficial ride. They will also help you to understand use of the resistance knob, and how cadence and resistance work together for reaching ultimate fitness levels.

What makes Spinning® cycling classes so unique? You literally leave the outside world behind you as you cycle…choosing your destination…choosing how YOU want to get there…YOU control the intensity of your workout. Our top instructors will energize and motivate you to work at optimum levels, but in the end it comes from within.

This is a non-impact workout, making it a perfect fitness avenue for everyone from the experienced cyclist to those with issues that may preclude them from other types of exercise programs. In fact, spinning classes are often recommended by doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists as a perfect activity for those who should not do high-impact workouts.

Indoor cycling has been shown to enhance cardiovascular fitness and improve muscle tone. Various muscle groups are engaged including quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, hips and abdominal muscles. This leads to improving strength, power and endurance.  But wait…there’s MORE!! Research has shown that an average 50 minute Spin workout will burn between 800-1000 calories.



1)  ENGAGE YOUR CORE – when moving out of the saddle, engage your core and use your legs to lift you

2)  RELAX UPPER BODY – shoulders are down, always light on your hands

3)  HEAD IS ALIGNED WITH SPINE – particularly in the out position – when looking in mirror or at instructor, do so with eyes lifted – not head!

Look for 3 new hints coming next week!