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What to Expect from a Spinning Class

Please check out this informative article…especially if you are new to spin:      

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Spinning is for everyone.

SPINNING REALLY IS FOR EVERYONE. The underlying concept of each class is one of individual training in the supportive community of other like-minded beings — from a delightful and petite woman in class with special needs, an orthopedic surgeon (who credits Spinning for his best Nordic ski finish ever), the professional woman, the kindergarten teacher, […]

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Make the connection…Be one with the Bike!

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  “This mind-body connection is mutually helpful.   The physical exercise enhances the mind.  The proper mental concentration enhances the physical exercise.  This is a learned skill, not something with which we were born. The obstacle to this learning is our “monkey-brain”, the part of our brain that gets bored very quickly.  The term comes from […]

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What the “Simply” in SimplyCycle means for you:

Our mission is to offer a safe, sound, fun and super beneficial cardio/endurance workout. In the last few years the term ‘Spinning’ has come to encompass many different types of cycling classes. Here are some differences between “Them” and “Us”: Them: No instruction…riders jump on the bike without any knowledge of the bike or what […]

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Why we are all about “SIMPLY” cycling…

How to Waste an Hour of Your Time in the Cycling Studio POSTED BY JENNIFER SAGE ON MAY 26TH, 2013 IN FORM AND TECHNIQUE, FREE ARTICLES | 1 COMMENT I was interviewed the other day for a major magazine, based out of New York. The journalist wanted to separate fact from fiction and find out whether “Spinning” can cause big thighs, […]

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What is health?

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. -Preamble, Constitution of the World Health Organization

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