Mind and Body

The Spinning program involves training for the mind as well as the body, and the two go hand in hand. The mental component directly affects one’s physical potential and ability to achieve physical tasks. Your Spinning instructor may use techniques such as relaxation, focus and awareness to help you bridge the gap between body and mind.

Mental Training and the
Spinning® program

Relaxation is a key element in the successful execution of mental training. Begin each training session in a calm state of mind. Discard the residue from your work day and fully embrace your training. As the ride becomes challenging, your Spinning instructor will encourage you to listen, feel and connect with your emotions. Note that challenging does not necessarily mean strenuous. Engaging in a light recovery ride could be challenging for some individuals as they battle boredom, impatience or an unfocused mind.

Focus means placing your full attention and concentration on what‘s happening in the present. Full concentration means that you should set aside all thoughts that are irrelevant to the task at hand and give your undivided attention to the present moment. As the mind starts to wander, the body falls out of sync and distracts us from the task at hand. As you ride in your Spinning classes, practice being fully aware of the bike and your connection to it, your actions and of the present moment.

Flow (also known as being “in the zone”) is that state in which your mind and body are working in harmony. It is a paradoxical state in which you are energized yet calm, confident yet challenged, instinctive yet focused. And it is enhanced through mental training.

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