Spinning is for everyone.

SPINNING REALLY IS FOR EVERYONE. The underlying concept of each class is one of individual training in the supportive community of other like-minded beings — from a delightful and petite woman in class with special needs, an orthopedic surgeon (who credits Spinning for his best Nordic ski finish ever), the professional woman, the kindergarten teacher, the female financial executive and her day-trader road cycling partner, the student and the senior — all have a place in Spinning class and each one is an athlete…

Spinning training makes room for everyone and allows each to define his own athletic profile.… the Instructors bear the responsibility to recognize this and to give each student a path to follow, a road to ride…

Yes, Spinning class is a great equalizer in the best sense of the word and offers a level playing field to all who participate. Progress, achievements and pleasures are relative to each who rides.


(Spinning.com; Athletes in Spinning® Class: A Level Playing Field)


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