What Our Riders Say



Enjoyed a free first class then immediately signed up for the unlimited monthly plan the next day! Having so much fun with a variety of instructors. Wanda was so kind, welcoming, and encouraging!! No intimidation or comparison; everyone is working towards their own goals.    Carly

I loved my first class! Wanda was welcoming and was patient with me as she showed me how to use the bike. The instructor was encouraging and the class was challenging and fun! I’ll be back for sure.   Abby

SimplyCycle is just that, cycling. Nice studio with towels for use, fans, water for purchase and nice bikes. Wanda the owner is great. Professional, very attentive to new clients, there is also reserved parking available. The real draw here though is Maria who teaches on Wednesday at 6 pm and Sunday at 10 am. I have yet to find another teacher with her charisma. She is extremely talented and very good at motivating people in order to maximize your time. Very challenging and she will demand your all but does it in a way the makes you feel like you really want to work as hard as you can. Good stuff.     Christina

Having moved here from Chicago I was so happy to find Simply Cycle and especially Wanda. Everyone in the Morristown, NJ area needs to check this place out. You won’t be disappointed.   Lydia

Been several times and enjoyed every ride. Instructor’s put on a very challenging but fun ride.   Jack

I have been spinning for a long time and over the years have experienced a lot of different instructors and different types of classes, some good and some bad.  I learned quickly what I was looking for in a spin class and what I wanted to avoid. When I moved to Morristown a few years ago, I tried cycling classes in several places, but I just wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the instructors or the workouts, so I just gave it up.  Then two years ago I came across SimplyCycle and was attracted to the claim of it being just that – all about spinning.  I gave it a try and never looked back.  The instructors are among the best I have ever had.  The studio is beautiful.  The equipment is clean and well cared for. The classes are challenging.  But most importantly, Wanda remains true to her word that she is committed to providing an exceptional, affordable indoor cycling experience.  New to spin or a veteran, SimplyCycle is the place to ride!   Sarah

My friends rave about your studio and I’m looking forward to class!  Michelle

So happy that I found a spin Studio in Morristown!! One of the best classes I’ve been to!    Melissa

Simply Cycle is a wonderful facility with a great philosophy of spinning and excellent instructors.  Great detail is taken with the cleanliness and appearance of the facility, but more importantly, great care is taken with the upkeep and maintenance of the spin bicycles.  The owner is ever-present and very attuned to quality control.  Each instructor has his/her own style, but I have always enjoyed and benefitted from every class, no matter who was teaching.  I do other workouts and spin has been an amazing addition to my weekly activities.  It is an excellent cardio workout and core builder.   I highly recommend SimplyCycle.  Everyone who is a newcomer will feel welcomed, will get excellent instruction (including the settings for safe riding) and will feel a sense of camaraderie in the workout.  I look forward to my rides at Simply Cycle.  Great exercise, and I feel challenged every class!   Holly

Today was my first class and it was great. The atmosphere was so warm and inviting. Great support system too!!!   Chauna  

Thanks Wanda and Lindsay! Great class last night! Feeling it today! See you on Saturday!  Christine

All your instructors are great!   Megan

Sue, thanks for a great class last night! What a workout! Awesome way to start my week! See you again soon!   Kelly

“It has been such a gift to me to come to Spin classes over the past few months.  I have missed it so much and am thrilled to have found you.  You have made a truly wonderful difference in my life.”    Melanie

“This Mother’s Day my Daughter’s gift to me was a few spinning classes at Simply Cycle. It was the best gift ever. ANNE’S classes are fantastic. I am loving the place and I recommend to everybody. At Simply they make you feel you are at your own private gym.”   Maryam

“LOVE Thursday’s class!!”   Michele

“GREAT class with Amy last night got in my 700 calorie burn.”   Teresa

“I had a great class today at your studio! As a person new to cycling, Sue did a tremendous job in facilitating a positive experience and I had an awesome time!”  Phil

“I love coming…..great place, great instructors, great people!!!!”  Cecily

“Location, Expertise, Variety, Flexibility…SimplyCycle is everything I expected.  Five minutes from home…Diverse, demanding and committed instructors…Variety of classes and music…Flexibility in class selection.  I’m addicted!”    Michelle

“I came to Simply Cycle because it’s a certified Spinning facility and I know that Wanda only hires certified spin instructors. The instructors are more than just that. They are fun, motivating, and help me stay focused on my health and fitness goals. Simply Cycle is a great, new Spinning studio that is clean, spacious and friendly. You’ll love it!”    Nicole

“I was introduced to spinning years ago at a destination spa. I wanted to continue at home but could not find a suitable place. As a busy professional, I did not want the health club scene. I simply wanted to spin and then go home. Finally after years of googling spinning in Morristown, I found SimplyCycle soon after it opened March 2013. I have been spinning 2 to 3 times per week after work ever since. In less than an hour, I am able to get an intense workout that on my own would take much longer and would be more painful. The instructors are all amazing. They each have their own style which makes every ride a new fun experience. Who knew that getting into good shape can be so much fun. What I particularly like is that all levels are welcome and can enjoy with more advanced riders. My husband and teenage son join me too. Wanda the owner, greets everyone personally and is always there with a smile to adjust equipment or provide encouragement.  I highly recommend SimplyCycle to anyone who wants a fun workout in a low key setting.”    Lauren

“I have never spun before and was very nervous! The instructors were great in showing me what to do and how to get the best for your workout! This is a great facility and I highly recommend it to anyone!!!!! Great workout!”    Nicole

“As afraid as I was to try spinning, I am so glad that I did!  Really like this place!”   Crista

“Thanks!  Had fun at class tonight!  Will definitely be back!”    Sue

“I attended my first spin class today.  Great studio, instructor, and workout!”   Pat

“Loved the class. Loved the instructor. I’m coming back.”    Kathy

“I truly enjoyed my experience here”    Laura

“Really friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Awesome music!!!! Instructor was very educated and the class was so fun! I have been spinning for over 3 years and this studio is my favorite! I can’t wait to go back!”    Amy

“Love the class, the instructors, the music and I feel great!”    Jim

“Amazing 8am class!! Thank you Kerri. Great way to start my day. Hope more will join.”   Michele