What the “Simply” in SimplyCycle means for you:

Our mission is to offer a safe, sound, fun and super beneficial cardio/endurance workout. In the last few years the term ‘Spinning’ has come to encompass many different types of cycling classes. Here are some differences between “Them” and “Us”:

Them: No instruction…riders jump on the bike without any knowledge of the bike or what Spinning is about.
Us: At SimplyCycle we focus on safety…we show you proper bike set-up and proper form. Not only is this safer, but also gives you the foundation you need to get the most benefit from your Ride.

Them: Riding while doing crunches, pushups, squats, isolations, hovers, tap-backs, lifting weights, ‘sprinting’ with little or no resistance…
Us: Our Instructors give sound instruction. They adhere to scientifically proven cycle training principles. Power is a product of the force (gear/resistance) and how fast you turn the pedals (cadence). This should be the focus of your Ride! These other movements do nothing for your muscular strength and everything to impede your ability to pedal. They place the knees and hips outside of the areas that have been found to be biomechanically effective and anatomically safe, they reduce the potential power output (and hence calories) and they put the rider at risk of injury. BY ATTEMPTING TO DO TWO ACTIVITIES AT ONE TIME, YOU DRAMATICALLY REDUCE THE BENEFIT OF EITHER ONE. (Makes sense, doesn’t it?)

Them: Instructors not trained in understanding the body and how to work it to it’s greatest potential.
Us: Well planned and thought out Rides, using interval training (combination of short, high intensity bursts of speed, with slow, recovery phases)… known to build endurance and lead you to a better fitness level.

With great music and a warm and inviting studio, we make it all FUN!

Whatever your goal…to improve cardio for heart and lung health, to lose weight, to gain strength and endurance, for better brain/body connection…or all of these combined… Our goal is to give you the MOST that you can get out of each and every Ride at SimplyCycle in a safe and efficient way!

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